SuiteCRM Vs Zendesk: Which One’s Better?

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CRM or Customer Relationship Management solutions are an integral part of every business today. Choosing a CRM for your business can be a challenging task with so many products and features available. Two of the most used CRM is SuiteCRM and Zendesk. We will provide a review of each solution so that you can take an informed decision and choose one for your organization, in this SuiteCRM vs Zenesk review.

SuiteCRM Overview

SuiteCRM enables organizations to take effective business decisions, strategies, and action based on highly actionable insights. The open source solution can help businesses increase their conversions, nurture their leads, convert leads to customers and optimize sales funnel. It can also be used to enhance customer care and innovate product development.

SuiteCRM is used to engage your prospective and existing customers at each stage of interaction and use the collective data to provide a great customer experience. The solution can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud depending on your business requirements. So, is that what makes SuiteCRM better?

SuiteCRM Benefits

SuiteCRM is one of the most popular CRM solutions placed by the side of other products such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP and others. It comes for free but includes all the applications and tools required to provide enterprise level functionality. You can also customize the solution according to the unique needs and preferences of your business.

SuiteCRM benefits, for instance, lets you create customize actions and business processes that can be automated to be run at any time. You can also monitor the status of your leads, execute contract renewals, create and implement pricing strategies, design templates and so on.

Your agents can deliver an interactive and high-quality service to your customers with SuiteCRM self-service portals. The system delivers an instant notification to your agents when a customer places any query for instant action.

Zendesk Overview

Zendesk is a collection of support applications which optimize your customer service and make it ideal for lead source and customer retention. It comes with flexible subscription models, making it suitable for business of all sizes.

The suite contains knowledge base modules and call centre, support and good chat solutions. Businesses of small sizes can offer a world class customer service by implementing this solution.

Zendesk can also serve as a CRM as it enables you to track customer engagement and execute workflows and processes. You can also use the support data to device campaigns and develop sales strategies.


Zendesk Benefits

Zendesk comes with a host of support apps that can be scaled as your business grows. It can be implemented as an end-to-end solution equipped with a knowledge base, live chat and call center solution.

You can create a self-service customer portal using the knowledge base and community features. The AI-powered bot can be used to link customers to FAQs or content and serve low priority tickets. Your agents can get rid of repetitive tasks and focus on potential leads and prospective tickets.

Features like proactive chat enable with automated trigger enables you to convert leads who are hesitant to buy on your website or landing page. You can make use of the messaging tool which allows you to interact with your customers on their preferred messaging apps.  You can follow your leads wherever they go even in the realms of social media where they are talking about you.


SuiteCRM is free to download CRM solution with all the tools you need to provide a rich customer experience. It helps you convert your leads and optimize your sales process while reducing expenses. Zendesk is a full-fledged customer support solution with a treasure of data which can be used for customer engagement and tracking leads. You can also integrate Zendesk and SuiteCRM together to maximize your possibilities.

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Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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