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Are you wondering whether you want to go in for SuiteCRM Wiki but don’t know if it’s the right choice? We will help find out what makes the SuiteCRM Wiki a must-have for businesses.

91% organizations with 11 or more employees now make use of a CRM. We know that CRM helps you achieve more sales, but it also has a big contribution to lead conversion. A CRM enables you to know your leads better so that you can develop fitting strategies to drive them up the sales funnel.

The Top Reasons Your Business Needs SuiteCRM Wiki

Today we will find out how SuiteCRM Wiki helps you improve conversion and drive more business.

Context Driven Leads

Any company should understand their leads if they plan to make a sell. Context-driven leads come with information which you can leverage to convert the lead. You cannot expect to convert a lead with bare information like name, address, and email address.

Suite CRM can provide crucial data about your leads and give you the power of conversion. You can get access to various details about a lead such as web behaviour, purchasing patterns, preferences, social media activity and so on.

You can learn about their location, the products they are using, preferred niche- everything is available on demand through a single interface in SuiteCRM. Armed with the data your sales and marketing teams can align their campaigns and sales pitch for higher chances of conversion.

Determine Lead Quality

Focusing your efforts on unqualified leads and pushing them through the sales funnel will not bring you any results. Unqualified leads don’t translate to purchase which is why they should be avoided. You should only concentrate your efforts on qualified leads who can assure you guaranteed purchases.

A CRM can help you determine your qualified leads and 84% of businesses also agree on the same. Your sales and marketing team can sort qualified leads based on different metrics in Suite CRM and provide them with an automatic score. Such metrics can involve clicking links, opening emails, trying demos, trial products, downloading content and so on.

Suite CRM helps you choose your qualified leads and nurture them for increased chances of conversion.

Optimize Sales Process

The sales process needs you to carry out multiple tasks and activities. You need to handle data updates, schedule calls, track deadlines, follow-ups, making notes, demo calls and so on. SuiteCRM Wiki provides tools to streamline your workflow and automate many sales tasks resulting in efficient and error-free operations.

For example, you can automate the follow-up emails and never worry about implementing them manually. You can integrate calendar links to schedule calls, create email campaigns, move leads that respond to demo calls and get real-time notifications.

Convert Leads on the Go

Your sales reps are not always confined in the office. They have to attend seminars, industrial meets and other gatherings where they can pursue new leads or convert existing ones.

The SuiteCRM Wiki comes with mobile extensions and your sales rep can get access to the main CRM system using them. They can quickly input details on the mobile and have it updated in real-time on the CRM. If they receive any order, they can quickly use their SuiteCRM Wiki to update the information and your sales team can act instantly.

You can use the mobile extension to schedule meetings, calls, and emails and work on the go.

Automated Data Entry

Your SuiteCRM Wiki data is a crucial resource to convert your leads. It can help you create sales strategies, generate forecasts and reports and device successful marketing campaigns. For that reason, you have to enter the related data in your CRM.

SuiteCRM Wiki saves you the mundane task of manual data entry as it can source data from several touch points automatically. Your sales reps don’t have to spend half of their day in data entry and can focus their energy on nurturing and converting leads.

Your business benefits with more productivity and streamlined workflow when you use SuiteCRM Wiki modules, and it’s surely something you will love.

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Deployed robust sales, marketing and customer support automation systems and implemented industry best practices/processes across verticals such as BFSI, Manufacturing, Real Estate, IT, ITES, eCommerce, Education etc.,

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