Google calendar and SuiteCRM- How Can It Help Your Organization Get More Sales?

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As an entrepreneur, you would know that effective management is related to the sales performance of any organization. Good management not only helps in maintaining the transparency between the employees of the organization but also increases their efficiency.

There is a wide range of management tools available at our disposal thanks to the information technology age. With these tools, management has got easy like never before. With SuiteCRM sync Google Calendar, for instance, you can stay on loop for all events and meetings.

Now, we will be discussing two top-notch powerful tools that will help you up in this task:

  1. Google calendar
  2. SuiteCRM

We will take a look at them one by one:

Google Calendar Integration for SuiteCRM

Google calendar is a time-management, event planner and scheduling service developed by the tech giant Google. The service is extremely versatile and is available in cross platforms.

It allows users to create schedules and events. Users have access to full customization and cloud storage which is synced with the Google cloud assuring data security.

The service allows the use to the multiple users and is beneficial for the organizations, which need to keep track of various deadlines.

The reminder feature and user-friendly interface only make the service more effective.

The Top Integration SuiteCRM calender with Google Features for effective management

Google calendar not only provides any basic features of any calendar service. The service comes with a whole lot of features that will surely boost your sales.

  • Custom calendar creation for various categories:

Google Calendar allows you to create various calendars for various departments of the company. You will be able to access the service from various fronts while with custom credentials.  With SuiteCRM Google calendar, you will avoid any confusion that might occur regarding event management.

  • Custom schedule suggestions:

if participants of the meeting have different to-do lists, it’s difficult to find a convenient meeting time.

Google calendar allows the users to provide their own timings. The service then after getting timings from all the participants provides a suitable arrangement when asked for the suggestions.

  • Using Google handouts:

Service also allows using Google hangout in real time. Hence, the participants will be able to converse regarding scheduling.

  • World Clock:

Even if you have got clients from all over the world from various time zones, the service filters the time as per the requirements.

How does Integration SuiteCRM Calendar service boost your sales?

 It is well-known fact that the service is directly proportional to efficiency. The better your services will be better will be your sales. Hence the Google Calendar is the best service you can have for event planning.


After having a better understanding between employees, it is necessary to have excellent customer relation services if you want to better sales.

SuiteCRM, is the software that will radically improve your customer relationship record. The customer relationship system offered by the SuiteCRM is available as a web-based application as well as software.

Features offered by the SuiteCRM

 CRM reporting and dashboards:

SuiteCRM provides an easy user interface for handling your business. The dashboard provides all the data regarding your sales. Monitor your marketing, customer support and sales. Get insights for all the data you have.

CRM for sales forecasting:

SuiteCRM allows you to analyze your sales and business. You can get forecasts for your sales while inserting various variables for your business. The sales are organized in easy to read format.

Quote management:

Manage your quotes by connecting your portal with your CRM. Make custom templates and improve their response rate.

Advanced Workflow CRM:

Organize your customer relation issues with the use of workflow interaction. Use automated tools for dealing with the problems quickly.

 Configuration and Customization:

Maintain the CRM as per your business needs. Use the customization feature of the service to resolve any issues and troubleshoot them with the required configuration.

Mobile CRM App:

Get the latest insights and manage your customer relationships on the go with the use of CRM’s mobile friendly application.

The application is available for various platforms ensuring the versatility.

How Does SuiteCRM Help improve your sales?

The services offered by the SuiteCRM will facilitate your business management and customer relationship management.

The better management will ensure that your service is being offered to the full potential.

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

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