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One of the main reasons for using SuiteCRM is its ability to automate the execution of customs processes. You can automate important tasks like running email campaigns, generating reports, executing workflows, monitoring inbound mail and more. It is done by using SuiteCRM Workflow and Scheduler Management.

You need to have administrator rights to be able to create jobs in the scheduler. You can create custom processes through Scheduler while some are offered out of the box. Today we are going to find out how you can do more with Scheduler by automating tasks and processes.

Execute Nightly Mass Email Campaigns

The Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns are set to run by default every day from 2:00 am to 6:00 am on an hourly basis. The SuiteCRM campaign scheduler processes the campaign emails that are up for sending in the email queue. You can configure the number of emails you want to send in each batch.

For example, if you have set 200 emails to send per batch and the SuiteCRM campaign scheduler runs every hour, the system will be sending 200 emails per hour.

This is of significance as email providers have restrictions on the number of emails you send per hour. There may also be limitations on daily basis and on unique recipients. You should be aware of such limitations for running an effective campaign.

Perform Nightly Bounced Email Campaigns

Bounced emails are significant when you are running an email campaign or nurturing leads. Bounced emails can help you identify contacts who may need an extra push through a reminder or follow up communication.

The SuiteCRM campaign scheduler fetches any unread emails in the active bounce inbound account for your attention. You should run this along with Nightly Mass Email Campaigns for maximum results.

Run Reminder for Meetings and Calls with SuiteCRM Workflow and Scheduler Management

The Run Email Reminder Notifications are a nifty feature which helps you stay abreast of all meetings with clients and customers. You can also use the feature for the important calls which mean business.

The scheduler sends email notifications about the reminders you have set up when the reminder time is met. It also generates emails about meetings and calls that have extended the reminder time.

Carry Out Workflow Tasks

Many users of SuiteCRM use the time elapsed workflow and for the quick execution of workflows is necessary. You get the Process Workflow Tasks along with SuiteCRM and it is set to run by default.

It ensures that all time elapsed workflows that are due to be processed are executed on time. You should run it as frequently as possible to ensure that your workflows are processed in a timely manner.

Monitor Inbound Mailboxes

If you use group email in your SuiteCRM then it is another useful feature in Scheduler. The scheduler retrieves all unread emails coming from active inbound group accounts. You have to configure the group email options before you can use this schedule.

The SuiteCRM Workflow and Scheduler Management can also be used to generate auto reply emails or make cases, if the group email accounts are configured that way. It runs as frequently as possible and is active by default.

Run Report Generation

The Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks execute the results of scheduled emails and reports and sends them to the assigned user. You have to activate the feature and may need to customize the time it will run.

The feature can also be used to schedule reports. You may not be awake at 6.30 am, but the SuiteCRM Workflow and Scheduler Management will make sure your report reaches at the right time. The report generation should be run every day to make the full use of it.  We are sure it is one of the things you will love about SuiteCRM, though there are many other benefits as we have talked about before.

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Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

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