Top 4 Reasons of Mobile CRM Deployment Failure

By April 26, 2018MobileCRM
Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM has turned out to be the leading facilitator of driving sales and customer satisfaction across all industries. Instant access to information and on the go management features have armed sales reps to meet the client needs the way they want.

But many enterprises are not being able to reap complete advantage from their mobile CRM solution. In fact, it is estimated that most of mobile deployments of CRM systems fail.

You may ask why and that is what this post is all about.

Why Do CRM Deployments Fail?

Here is a look at few of the common reasons.

Not Including Business Objectives

Just transforming the desktop version of your CRM into a mobile interface is not what mobile CRM is all about. You need to identify the important process and tasks which will benefit from mobile capabilities.

The sales reps will benefit if they have complete customer data at their fingertips when meeting a client. They can also place order requests through the CRM app to save time and fulfil orders quickly.

If the above is your need, then your CRM app will need to sync all information with the central CRM and have features to place orders through it. Determine what your mobile CRM needs to do and integrate it into the app.

Missing on Third Party Integrations

The success of your overall CRM depends on integrating it with other important tools. For example, your field reps can require data like invoices, orders, memos which are usually stored in an accounting or ERP solution at the back end.

Your mobile CRM should be integrated with such important tools to derive optimum results.

Forgetting to Utilize Device Capabilities

Mobiles and tablets come with their own features which are utilized by apps. If you don’t take advantage of them through your app then obviously your deployment will suffer.

For example, smartphones have GPS tracking which can be used to monitor the real-time location of sales reps. The camera of the device can be used to take pictures of products and send to the customer.

Make sure your app features can utilize the device capabilities to their fullest.

Not considering User Friendliness

How do you feel when can’t find the pay button when ordering pizza with a mobile app?

Your employees will feel the same frustration when they find it difficult to navigate or use the CRM app. So make sure the CRM app interface is simple and clutter free making it easy to find the important things.

You can also train your employees to use the app before the deployment to save chances of failure.

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