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How can SuiteCRM Mobile app Improve your Distribution Cycle?

By January 19, 2021March 18th, 2021MobileCRM

SuiteCRM Mobile app Improve your Distribution Cycle – We all know mobile CRMs have a direct effect on sales and profit margins of the company. It streamlines the processes and automates various aspects of the sales cycles to increase productivity.

But have you thought about how mobile CRM affects your distribution cycle?

Mobile CRM can be used to manage inventories and orders efficiently making the way for an effective distribution cycle. The distribution department can utilize the features of the CRM solution to quickly analyze and manage inventory in a smarter and improved way.

The Top Ways Mobile CRM Helps You In Your Distribution Cycle

Let’s take a look at how it exactly carries out the task!

Manage the Entire Distribution Cycle

Mobile CRM can handle the task of managing complex data related to inventories at every step of the distribution cycle. You can also use the solution to transfer the purchase order requirements directly to the chosen retailer.

The same SuiteCRM mobile app improve your distribution cycle helps you to update your inventory list once the purchase order has been completed. You can keep track of everything with greater control for improved distribution management.

Real-Time Information keeps you on Track

Mobile CRM offers real-time information of every client and the orders and invoices related to them. The information is synced with the backend CRM instantly so that everyone can get access to it.

Any change in the inventory is also updated instantly and available for everyone to see. It enables you and your field employees to make informed decisions for better results.

SuiteCRM Mobile app Improve your Distribution Cycle – Process your Orders Quickly

Mobile CRM saves you the trouble of manual labour involved in the distribution process. For example, you no longer need to go to the wholesaler’s location just to manage the purchase order. You can do it right from where you are using your CRM app.

You can also dispatch and receive orders, keep track of delivery status and send invoices to your customers through the mobile app. It shortens the duration of the distribution cycle ensuring your customers get their products at the earliest.

SuiteCRM Mobile app Improve your Distribution Cycle – Dashboard gives Complete Control

Through a dashboard, you can follow and keep an eye and control your entire distribution cycle. You can access information on order history, monitor stock, manage orders and get analytics from the same interface.

The biggest advantage of the distribution cycle from Mobile CRM is the real-time updates and information. You don’t need to stick to a desktop but are free to handle the tasks using a mobile device on the go!

There are many other features in SuiteCRM mobile app which improves your distribution cycle.

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Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

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