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Imperative and Compelling Reasons To Choose Flutter for MVP Development

By April 6, 2021August 18th, 2021Opensource CRM

Flutter needs no introduction! With more than two thousand apps in the marketplace and nearly 1450 packages the platform provides to its users, the popularity of the platform is rising at a tremendous pace. Flutter gives better native performance over any other framework as it is compiled using the C/C++ library.

Imagine the deadly combination of this astounding software development kit with the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Unimaginable benefits, right? MVP is a simple version of your software that can solve the purpose. Implementing MVP, the product time to market is reduced, and the development of the software is possible within the shortest time.

It gives the company a competitive edge in the industry, and the software can be an early entrant. With the lower development time, you can even validate the business idea using MVP. Once you get the power to gauge the success of the business idea, the chances of business failures almost get zeroed down. This is because you can acquire business feedback and explore the customers’ needs in a jiffy.

MVP is potential enough to investigate the capacity of a given business idea. If you do not trust us, look at the below brand names that became successful by implementing MVP.

  1. Buffer: It is a popular social media account scheduling and management software;
  2. DropBox: It is an excellent cloud storage platform, not unknown to anyone;
  3. Uber: The super cool app for booking cabs using smartphones.
  4. Instagram: The millennials’ favorite social networking application.

Some of the characteristics that you can expect from an MVP implementation are:

  • Simple design;
  • Small scale integration;
  • Limited range of features;
  • Faster and cost-effective software development.

It reaches out to the end-user faster, and the brands get time to promote and market the products beforehand. Additionally, it can help brands in attracting more investors onto the brand.

Now rewinding back to the first thought mentioned here, “the deadly combination of the Flutter framework and MVP”. If you are wondering why Flutter for MVP, then keep reading the next segment. We are sure you will get all your answers on the blog.

Today, product development time is becoming more important than the project budget. It gives the brands a competitive edge by facilitating them to validate the business idea. Flutter is extensively used to develop cross-platform applications by the Flutter app development company. Flutter has enhanced features, widgets, and bug fixes.

Additionally, it has a large community of users who do not miss upon updating about any bug or new feature on the community. At the experimentation stage, businesses do not have to invest a huge amount to get the license. The app development process with flutter is simple and speedier than the other. The framework facilitates an intuitive and interactive user interface and has a variety of inbuilt tools for easy functioning.

The dynamic flutter framework optimizes the development costs and has a dedicated widget engine. The UI developed using flutter looks attractive, flexible, and elegant. Isn’t this something that we all have been looking for for ages? The flutter UI’s are well-structured and can be customized further as per the requirement.

So what makes flutter the perfect choice for MVP development?

Flutter being an open framework facilitates easy integration of features along with high speed and better performance. Any changes can be incorporated into the app swiftly using flutter, and this further contributes to cost-effective MVPs. The framework is compatible with Firebase, and you also do not need a separate backend to build MVP.

Flutter has transformed the way an application is developed and offers an outstanding UI. Let’s read further to know how the developers are in a win-win situation using Flutter on MVPs.

●    It helps in developing cost-effective applications:

Small businesses can not do anything without attracting investors, and the primitive step for attracting an investor is a classic UI and interactive designs. With the latest technology, flutter helps in designing a stunning UI. It treats every element as a widget, and through the SDK support, developers get the support of both Cupertino and material design. The resort to interactive UI and motion-oriented widget, the flutter driven designs compel investors to invest.

Flutter, the framework adds on to this good news by allowing the developers to customize the widgets as per the requirement. The 2D accelerated APIs are also supported by flutter. Flutter provides substantial themes that add on to the richness of the UI and UX of the software application.

●    Flutter reduces resources requirements:

As the term MVP elaborates, Minimal Viable Product Strategy, it does fall true when it comes to Flutter development. With minimal resources and Firebase integration, you are able to design an efficient and speedier app with no extra efforts. Additionally, you do not have to perform any server-side programming, which lessens the product time to the market.

The above qualities sum up the answer to the question, why flutter is an appropriate choice for building an MVP. Building an out-standing and highly efficient is a dream of developers, which seems to have become a reality with this lethal combination. Flutter offers plenty of functionalities without taking any aid from the powerful machinery and that too seamlessly.

●    It allows crafting attractive flutter driven designs to attract investors:

The very common issue most of the Flutter app development companies face is the cost

constraints. This is because simple software, once designed, needs the integration of various other features that can enhance the software functioning. This further led to the rise in app development costs. Being a cross-platform working framework, a single code base can work simultaneously across both Android and iOS. An added perk: The developers are allowed to reuse the code if required, and learn only one language.

The flutter developers can integrate features just like the ones in the native apps. And hence this makes the look and feel of the flutter developed app elegant and efficient. Everything mentioned above can be done with minimal money and time.

●    Flutter paces up the development process:

The primary requirement of every developer is the faster review of the feature that they have implemented in the app. This requirement is fulfilled by the Flutter framework. Along with the hot reload feature, developers can spontaneously review the changes that they have made in the code and its impact on the UI.

The ability to review the changes instantly, thereby reduces the app development time and makes the process faster than ever before. By using flutter, a developer can coordinate easily with the designer, developers, and testers. Developers can quickly fix the bugs at the development stage itself in a jiffy (isn’t that sounding like a dream come true?)

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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