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In your process to find the best CRM for your business, you might wonder how SuiteCRM is good compared to other. where it is good in price, features, and integrations, HubSpot CRM focuses on serving businesses between 11-50 employees. while SuiteCRM best serves businesses with varied employees size.

SuiteCRM embraces the three aspects Customer Relationship Management with dedicated sales, marketing, and service features. Find out who the customers are, log contact data, automate communications and schedule appointments. Track subsequent deals, optimize workflow and manage customer tickets with SuiteCRM drag-and-drop dashboard-based UI.

However, SuiteCRM is a complete sales & marketing suite.


SuiteCRM is an All-in-One CRM with Sales, Marketing, and Service automation in a single platform. It has sales tracking, contact management, marketing automation, web analytics, two-way emails, telephony, and help desk with a simple, clean and modern interface.

Using SuiteCRM, businesses can now

  • Automate their marketing, sales and customer retention process with simple and powerful drag-drop editor.
  • Convert website visitors directly to leads in the CRM.
  • Nurture, track and score lead automatically based on the web or email activity.
  • Enable Omni-channel communication with the ability to call or email or tweet to a contact from the same page.
  • Monitor customer behavior and get real-time alerts for customer activity.
  • Manage help desk tickets with customer’s history saved under a single system.
  • Pull a detailed record of all of the customers’ details and communication history on one page, sorted chronologically.
  • View customer data from various other business apps under one page using extensive integrations and widgets.

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  • Easily integrate customized web forms to your website or app to create or update contacts and log subsequent web activity.
  • Simple to integrate web rule & web stats, no need of coding knowledge.
  • Easily integrate attractive landing pages with your website using this plugin.
  • Show real-time web pop ups to get more info about your website visitors and also increase the number of subscriptions or sign ups.
  • Schedule bulk Email Campaigns for newsletters or other marketing activity, with simple drag-and-drop features.

Get to know more about Opensource SuiteCRM Benefits.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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