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The Main Components of a Mobile CRM App – SuiteCRM System

By January 3, 2021August 18th, 2021MobileCRM

Main Components of a Mobile CRM App – Many people have a misunderstanding about Mobile CRM Solution. They think that the app or mobile browser is a standalone application which carries out all the work.

But mobile CRM is an extension of your main CRM solution which is controlled from the back end. Today we will talk briefly about the different components of a Mobile CRM Solution.

The Top Things You Need in a Mobile CRM Solution

If you are looking for better strategies and better decision-making ability, you need your Mobile CRM Solution to boast of the following.

CRM Database Server

You will need a server to store the CRM database and all the information that it contains. Enterprises can go for physical servers that are installed on their premises. The company will need to carry out all the expenses for the server and associated hardware.

You can also go for cloud storage which doesn’t require any physical server. You rent space online and pay monthly or yearly subscriptions for your use. Cloud servers are better equipped to handle mobile CRM capabilities and most enterprises prefer this option.

Main Components of a Mobile CRM App Solution

You cannot use mobile extensions of your CRM unless you have a main CRM solution. You can either purchase software or go for open source solutions like SuiteCRM that come for free without any compromise on performance.

Vendors also offer complete CRM solutions based on the cloud which you can subscribe to. They are generally cheaper than traditional CRM and better suited to adapt to mobile tasks.

Cloud or on-premise, you need to have a CRM system in place to benefit from mobile CRM.

End User Application

Your sales reps need to access the CRM data on the go and that is the main function of mobile CRM.

The client application can be a mobile app or a web browser which can access the central CRM. The application has to be installed on your smartphone or tablet before you can access customer information.

The admin can control who gets to access what using the dashboard of the central CRM. Using the mobile app or browser your employees can view, change or input new data in the CRM system from the field.

Main Components of a Mobile CRM App Additional Requirements

Server, CRM solution and client application are the main 3 components of a Mobile CRM Solution.

But you will also need to provide for the internet and other network resources necessary for the central CRM and the end user application to communicate. This responsibility is handled by cloud-based mobile CRM providers if you go to their service.

It’s also up to you whether you prefer BYOD or provide devices to your employees.

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Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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