Important Considerations for SuiteCRM mobile app development – IOS and Android

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SuiteCRM Mobile App development has its extensions which come in the form of mobile apps or web browsers through which all work is done from the field. You can have a SuiteCRM Android app or iOS app or develop an HTML5 browser for the purpose.

However, the choice is not that easy and there are various considerations. Let’s get you informed about the important ones!

SuiteCRM mobile app development Android, iOS or Windows?

The choice of OS should not be made depending on your personal choice or preferences.

Unless you are supplying the devices to your employees, you have to follow the BYOD trend. Currently Android is the most used OS followed by iOS.

So check out what devices your employees have as they are going to use the mobile solution in the end.

Native or Cross Platform?

You can get over the worry of choosing a platform by going for a cross-platform or hybrid app. But native apps are better optimized to use the internal capabilities of the device like GPS, camera and other hardware.

Hybrid apps are handy when you want to use some of the device features while having rest of the content on the web. Hybrid and cross-platform apps work across all devices seamlessly through their performance may not be as superior as native apps.

You can also develop an HTML5 browser which works on all devices just like a normal browser. All content is stored and accessed from the server through the internet connection. HTML5 browsers cannot use the hardware features of a device as they are just browsers.

SuiteCRM Mobile App Development Features to Include

If you are going for apps, then you would need to decide the features to include. Enterprise apps don’t have to be fancy like consumer apps because their use is only limited to professional aspects.

Work out with your employees and developer the features you will need in the CRM app. Think about your business objectives and how mobile capabilities will be able to achieve them.

Based on your analysis include the features that will help you and your employees to meet their targets effectively. Also, keep it simple and avoid inclusion of any unnecessary features that will never be used.

Easy to Use

Your employees shouldn’t find it difficult to use the app. Keep the interface clean with the important features easily accessible.

Time is a constraint and your field reps need to do get their work done quickly. Also, if the app is confusing or hard to navigate, it will have a low adoption rate.

Mobile App SuiteCRM Installation Guide.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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