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New businesses will surely find it a bit difficult to successfully promote goods and services to potential clients. Competing with companies that already built reputation will be tough for small businesses. CRM integration social media will deliver better results like any other Free Suitecrm extensions. Fortunately, the advancement of technology gave small business owners an effective way to promote their goods and services in an incredibly fast and cheap way. The method that small business owners can try is social selling. Social selling is proven to be more effective than traditional business tactics that make use of emails and phone calls. Many small business owners already reported that their businesses quickly grew with the help of social selling.

Social selling is a way to connect with potential customers through the use of social networking sites such as Facebook. Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and much other more. The process of social selling includes posting helpful and attractive content about a company’s products and services. Questions about the products and services should also be answered in social selling. Experts say that social selling is an effective way to build a relationship between the buyers and sellers. Social selling is also deemed as a type of inbound marketing that has a high potential to attract potential buyers.

Below is the list of the top 7 benefits that small business owners can gain from social selling and Free Suitecrm extensions & Find all SuiteCRM Extensions & Add-ons

1. The sales cycle will be greatly reduced.

Sales of businesses can happen online or offline. A recent study report that people who want to purchase a vehicle for their vehicle research online. In fact, 80% of the survey respondents state that they actually perform the whole pre-purchase process on social networking sites. Buyers now prefer to look for their desired products online, so it not surprising to know that potential buyers do relevant researching online. Because of this trend, small businesses tend to create public profiles, so, Therefore, that they can answer the queries of their potential buyers. Social selling indeed helps small business owners to listen, monitor and analyze what is being said by their potential buyers. Buyers can also order products and services through these social networking sites. Thus, the sales cycle will be greatly reduced and a huge amount of time of the buyer and seller will be saved. Therefore this can be all SuiteCRM Extensions & add-ons for your business.

2. Small business owners can build a good reputation online:

The purchasing decision of most buyers now depend on what they read or see online. Another study proves that 80 to 95 percent of buyers tend to rely on product reviews online. Buyers often check the reviews of products made by previous buyers of the products. Small business owners can potentially build a good reputation if they manage to have good product reviews from their past and present buyers. Through direct communication, small business owners can ask for feedback from their customers. This simple act of having a good customer support will attract potential buyers.

3. The revenue that small business owners get can quickly increase by Free SuiteCRM extensions & add-ons:

Because of the good reputation and continuous posts about a seller’s products and services, one can expect that the total revenue gained by the seller will largely increase. Small business owners who already developed a good reputation online can potentially earn twice as much as they get compared to what they get when they were still doing the traditional business strategies. A salesperson can also combine social selling with other traditional business tactics so that the revenue that the business can make will be maximized.

4. Small business owners can gain loyal customers:

Loyal customers will surely be maintained by small business owners who did good in social selling. The long-term success of a business will heavily depend on the number of customers that want to buy again a business’ products and services. Fortunately, social selling also serves a nice way to retain old customers. Social selling allows business owners to inform their past customers about their new offers that can again be attractive to the eyes of the old customers. Moreover, a good customer support will also encourage buyers to buy again so small business owners should make sure that they attend to the needs of their clients.

5. The productivity of the business will increase:

Salespersons do not need to be online always just to get customers. Social selling allows customers to send queries about a businessman’s products and services so businessmen don’t need to go online every single minute. It is highly recommended that they check their social media accounts at least thrice a day or every two hours. By doing so, a large amount of the time will be saved by the owners. And the time that they save can be used to attend to the other needs of their business.

6. A good relationship with customers will be attained by business owners:

Social selling involves direct communication with customers. The direct relationship can be seen through the exchange of questions and answers from buyers and sellers. Buyers who become satisfied with the overall transaction, together with good customer support, will surely have a nice buying experience with the seller. Buyers who have this nice buying experience will surely share their good experiences online. Sharing this good experience on social media sites by Free Suitecrm extensions will help in increasing the popularity and good reputation of the business.

7. Small business owners can track the number of views, likes, and shares of their posts:

Google+ and Facebook both have built-in features that can help small business owners know how many social media users viewed, liked and shared their posts. This information will tell the business owners if their social selling strategies are effective or not. Similarly, Free SuiteCRM extensions can help sales and marketing to optimize the lead generation and manage pipeline effectively, a good example is to Find all SuiteCRM Extensions business & SuiteCRM Implementation.

If the strategy is found to be effective, then owners should still make use of the same strategy. However, if the strategy is found to be not effective, then owners should try another strategy that can help them gain customers.

Indeed, social selling is a modern strategy that can quickly give success even to small business owners. Small business owners just need to know the kind of products and services that their customers like, get positive feedback from their customers and maintain a good relationship with their customers so that they can be assured that the business will grow in an incredibly fast manner. So, Experience the Full Power of Free Suitecrm extensions Get access to Free SuiteCRM Demo and implement best strategies used in social selling to be amazed by how much your business will grow through it!

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Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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