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Services we provide

  • Consultations on using SuiteCRM.
  • SuiteCRM Integration of other CRM systems.
  • Specific SuiteCRM design solely for the business needs.
  • Development of CRM systems for businesses.
  • SuiteCRM (tuning and modification of already existing as well as adding additional fields and forms, development of new modules, integration in other already existing systems, technical help, etc.).
  • Development of web-services.
  • Development of technical tasking.
  • Migration of data from any CRM system to SuiteCRM.
  • System integration.
  • Training users and administrators (either long distance or locally).
  • Technical assistance for users and administrators.

Therefore, SuiteCRM is a web based Customer Relationship Management system that allows companies to manage a number of company operations by allowing the operations to involve the entering and evaluation of all the company relationships. Demographic factors like the people, companies and the projects and opportunities available are all able to be applied to this system. The interface is user-friendly at its best. It then becomes obvious that there is a need for CRM for business.

However, by now it is clear that most companies need SuiteCRM to help them organize their operations. However, these companies have specific procedures to follow in order to effectively implement this system into their operations. The decision to implement this system should be a strategic one. This is heavily dependent on the goal of the company. Some companies need a complete overhaul of their operations by implementing this system, while others merely want a system that will improve the current situation to make it perform better and produce better results.

Being a Customer Relationship Management system, SuiteCRM offers the features of synchronization through calendar alerts, to do lists as well as accessing customer information at a pace that will help the business. It comes with sales and marketing tools that specifically deal with ensuring that old clients are retained while new ones are raked in big numbers. The system has its strength in its simplicity and ease to use, thereby people of very little computer knowledge can learn to use it effectively very fast.

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Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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