SuiteCRM with Marketing Automation and its Features

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Companies thinking to go for open source software will definitely selects SuiteCRM marketing automation software, Build automated marketing campaigns in minutes and start capturing more leads today!

Features include web pop ups, email newsletters, autoresponders and automatically personalized campaigns across mobile and social media channels. Score leads and segment contacts automatically based on email opens, link clicks, web browsing activity, custom tags and more.

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Functionalities or Features in Marketing Automation

Many businesses are opting for marketing automation. However, not all might be using the core features/functionalities. The purpose of using automation is to exploit all the basic features and use it to optimize your marketing process. Let’s discuss the key functionalities/features that should be included in your marketing automation software.

  • Lead Management

Any automation software should have a complete lead nurturing process where it will handle lead information to lead scoring to lead assigning. It should allow marketing and sales teams to work together to gain more leads, nurture leads effectively and increase the lead to customer ratio.

  • Email Campaigns

The automation software you are opting for should offer you end-to-end email campaign functionality. All the major customer communication – from initial contact to purchase discussion to product queries session – is initially done on emails. To have a centralized and continuous communication, you need to have a feature that allows you to schedule email campaigns to improve your customer interaction process.

  • Social Marketing

Any marketing automation software should provide social media automation. You should be able to easily integrate your social media with your software so that you can track and analyze customers’ social presence and activities. Also, it will allow you to post messages on various social media channels.

  • Real-time Alerts

The software should offer real-time automatic alerts to be sent to internal team members or to other teams. If at any time, any workflow requires some action, automatic alerts should be sent to the respective members to perform/complete the action. This is an especially important feature when the marketing team pushes leads on to the sales table and requires them to perform an action.

  • Basic Organized Workflow

Any marketing automation software should be able to provide easy workflow creation and management. As the bottom line is to increase productivity and have an organized process, it is important to have a planned workflow that is easy to follow and optimize. 

  • Trigger Responses

The aim of automation software should be to allow real-time responses that are easy to send to customers. Every response needs to be prompt because even five minutes’ delay can lead to a lost customer opportunity. So the software should have a feature that allows to time and schedules your responses so that they can be sent in real-time.

  • Customized Templates

In a business, 70% of the communication is done using emails and newsletters. The automation software you are opting for should allow you to customize your email and newsletter templates and create new templates easily. It should offer editing rights on pre-designed templates so that you can choose designs from the software and apply your desired changes.

  • Personalized Messaging

The marketing automation software should be able enough to let you send personalized canned emails every time. The whole purpose of using automation is to have the liberty to use canned emails but it also allows you to personalize these emails to ensure they don’t look canned.

  • Bottom-line

Few of software offers all these functionalities and features. Depending on your criteria and needs, you can opt for the best-suited one for your business. Solutions like SuiteCRM integrates CRM with marketing, sales and service automation and provide all these features and functionalities. Plus, it is a good fit for SMBs who want to do more with their CRM but spend less.

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Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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