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We all know shopping has evolved from where to, where, this is the era of online. Anything & everything we can get it online by just tapping 2 or 3 clicks from your different device which has access to the internet.However, Just like this not only B2C, even B2B online shopping has been showing us a drastic change. Check out the statistics to blow your mind with the jolting facts of online shopping. Especially, when it comes to your CRM software you need an integration which has e-commerce platform for online sellers.

SuiteCRM Opencart plugin.

OpenCart is a Free Open Source e-commerce platform for online sellers.Actually, It provides a dexterous and an authentic foundation from which to build a successful online store. This foundation not just entices to the seasoned web developers looking for a user-friendly interface to use, it also attracts the shop owners who are planning to launch their business online for the first time.Therefore, SuiteCRM Opencart plugin comes with boundless features that give your business an edge to hold over the customization of your online store. With SuiteCRM Opencart plugin you can help your online store live up to its all-inclusive probable. It’s the customers that you want to reach out to ultimately!

The CRM is a much needed for your business. It gives you a wide range of features that allow you to customize your business needs, maintain sales leads, follow-up clients and successful closures guaranteed with minimal efforts. Many times, companies won’t identify the value of a good online store and storing of activity for forecasting & capturing which are the core competencies of CRM. CRM without clear target could cost a bomb, the main expectation from CRM should be the increase in customer satisfaction and drive more sales that accelerate growth and generates revenue.

Some of the benefits of using SuiteCRM Opencart plugin:

• Simple and Easy Sync – SuiteCRM Opencart plugin comes with simple and easy synchronization between website and CRM. SuiteCRM Opencart Integration gives users the upper hand to manage and store data into the CRM. Also, features very easy installation process, choose a template, add products and ready to start accepting the orders.

• Accelerating Sales – One of the key benefits of SuiteCRM Opencart plugin is it will help to maximize profits by accelerating more sales. This can be done with the help inbuilt marketing analytics & campaign capabilities.

• Updating Order and Shipping Information – Users don’t have to look for other options when they have to update orders or shipping information in different systems. With OpenCart Integration, users will get visibility for customers on order’s shipping status.

• No Manual efforts – OpenCart integration is so powerful to your CRM that it reduces the manpower efforts in updating information manually. It directly populates customer registration information from OpenCart into the SuiteCRM.

• Order Management & Payment Gateway Support – With SuiteCRM Opencart plugin, you get the comprehensive order management support to manage orders in one single platform and supports multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa etc.

 SuiteCRM Opencart Integration is the right solution for bad forecasting and Best Avenue for effective sales & marketing strategy.Therefore, Here is a SuiteCRM OpenCart Integration which aims at increasing customer satisfaction, drive more sales and boost productivity from online stores. It also manages website customers and gives us the data that analyzes opportunities to accelerate new and repeat orders easily. By doing this, we can gather customer feedback and provide support swiftly to stay ahead in the competition.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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