Industrial Applications of SuiteCRM

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Best OpenSource CRM system:

The importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for improving business relationships is immense. OpenSource CRM system is Best OpenSource CRM system and an effective platform to manage the interactions and relationships with existing and potential customers. You can individually manage all information leading to suppliers, colleagues, service users for entire lifecycle.

You can remain connected with customers, improve profitability and streamline operations. It provides the tools for an excellent customer service winning new business and customers.

CRM solutions can be tailored to many industries depending on the specific requirements. You can buy your CRM software or use a good quality application like SuiteCRM which is Best OpenSource CRM system.

Let’s find out a few industries which benefit from the use of the SuiteCRM software.

Industrial Application and Web-based SuiteCRM

CRM for e-Commerce Industry

SuiteCRM can be integrated with online stores like OpenCart easily to handle customer information, order details, and leads. The robust and reliable solution can lead to the discovery of potential sales opportunities and automate workflow.

It helps you out with various aspects like-

You can run strategic sales and market promotions with offline newsletter campaigns, abandonment emails, order status updates.

  • Increase your revenue and engage your customers with live chat tool.
  • Get detailed reports with analysis and conversion metrics to generate meaningful insights.
  • Increase sales through cart abandonment emails to customers to complete the purchase.
  • Auto tracking and recording of contacts, subscribers, customers and sign up forms.
  • Set up custom actions like welcome mail, feedback request and thank you emails.

 Best OpenSource CRM system Legal CRM

Client service is gaining traction in the legal industry with increased adoption of CRM. SuiteCRM Legal CRM is the Best OpenSource CRM system is meant for lawyers and law firms who want to improve client management.

It offers an effective platform for the lawyers, attorneys and support personnel to collaborate and manage customer relations, information and work.

You can also have efficient billing service by using the intuitive timesheet entries to track the time spent on a case.

Real Estate CRM

SuiteCRM for provides the real estate agency with a comprehensive solution to manage property owners, tenants and buyers. It can be used by letting agencies, brokers and building development companies.

SuiteCRM for Letting Agencies

You can effectively track all your property and their owners and tenants with a single platform. It enables you to recognize the best deals, increase business and improve customer service.

SuiteCRM for Builders and Developers

Developers and builders can use SuiteCRM which is  Best OpenSource CRM system for better collaboration. You can segment your customers for improved campaigning, access crucial information and develop market intelligence for better profitability.

It’s the perfect tool for handling all real estate duties like management of bookings, contacts, project, properties and more.

CRM for Education Industry

SuiteCRM for the education society can be used by schools and colleges to manage relationships with students, alumni, parents, teachers, donors and other stakeholders.

You can handle tasks like student admission for their entire lifecycle and manage student interactions. It can be also used as an apt solution for streamlining teacher evaluations eliminating the need for paper documents.

SuiteCRM can be customized for any industry depending on its needs and has a vast scope.

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Nasir Khan - CRM Author

Deployed robust sales, marketing and customer support automation systems and implemented industry best practices/processes across verticals such as BFSI, Manufacturing, Real Estate, IT, ITES, eCommerce, Education etc.,