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The SuiteCRM project started way back in 2013. Today, they are a mature platform, stock full of features.

Our flexibility and reliability increases with every release and we have a growing service provider ecosystem supporting an ever increasing user base around the world. Together these organizations give back countless contributions in many different shapes and sizes. These contributions are stewarded by our core team into two stable releases of SuiteCRM per year.

There is certainly a lot we can celebrate what we have achieved so far, but we also need to look to the future. A key component of a healthy SuiteCRM ecosystem is a well-funded core team able to oversee and integrate contributions from our ecosystem and keep our infrastructure in good shape.

Some of the work the community contributes to includes

  1. Coordinate contributions – both technical and non-technical – from the community
  2. Develop and test core SuiteCRM features
  3. Fix bugs (and ensure a fast turnaround on critical bug fixes)
  4. Manage the release cycle, and ensure two releases per year
  5. Run SuiteCRM’s infrastructure (including websites, server hardware, and so on)
  6. Document new features, and improve existing documentation
  7. Provide technical support via the forums, IRC and so on
  8. Support meetups, training, sprints, camps and conferences


If you need help evaluating, installing, migrating data, customizing, or troubleshooting SuiteCRM…there are a variety of self-service resources, and professional consulting and support services available.

Self-Service Support Resources

  • SuiteCRM user and administrator guide, The online documents (and printable and purchasable)
  • SuiteCRM StackExchange site, Community questions and answer resource.
  • Documentation wiki (additional documentation and resources,
  • includes installation and upgrade instructions)
  • SuiteCRM developer guides
  • Online community chat using Mattermost
  • Upcoming meetups and training
  • Search all SuiteCRM sites for answers to your questions
  • Community forums. New features, extensions and bug report discussions. Beta testing discussion.
  • Additional developer resources.

Professional Services

If you or your organization needs professional consulting services for SuiteCRM, check out our directory of firms and individual consultants.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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