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By July 17, 2018 November 15th, 2019 SuiteCRM

We’re all incredibly proud of what we accomplished at Fynsis, and our latest honour gives us even more reason to celebrate.

Fynsis has earned the prestigious Rising Star Award and Great User Experience from Finances Online, a popular B2B software review platform. This recognition is given out to products that provide outstanding solutions for B2B companies across a number of categories, including the leaders in the CRM market.

With an overall review score of 8 out of 10, and a user satisfaction score of 100% at the time of this writing, Fynsis’ fyNCRM was also honoured in FinancesOnline’s new list of the Top 5 CRM market leaders.

In evaluating Fynsis’ various fyNCRM features of the Rising Star Award and Great User Experience, FinancesOnline’s team of software experts examined and compared Fynsis against its competitors in various scenarios. After careful examination, their review team found us worthy to be included on their list of best CRM Software for Small Business in 2018. Some of the specific criteria that their review team took into account were:

    • The collaborative nature of Fynsis lead management capabilities
    • The capacity to forecast and analyze sales
    • Email ingestion from multiple apps and services
    • Sales customization and personalization features
    • Fynsis focus on serving sales reps instead of just managers/admins
    • The availability of one-on-one guidance and quarterly success plan reviews
  • A large number of native integrations, which allow users to import data to Fynsis from a wide range of storage and sharing apps

Reviewed under their best CRM software category, Fynsis CRM is seen by their experts as an impeccable platform for small business sales teams. It is an absolutely necessary product that any B2B outbound company should use to maintain and expand its base of satisfied customers.

We’re delighted to have a shiny new award to put on the Fynsis mantle, but more importantly, the  Rising Star Award is another confirmation that our CRM is providing the best value to customers.

Fynsis Softlabs SuiteCRM Code and Integration Partner Team.

Please visit to post your own review of Fynsis, and thanks for your support through another amazing year. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for the future! Website Privacy Policy Term.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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