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SuiteCRM features all the needed functionalities for restraining your worries a customer experience. It is made to be extensible and simple to incorporate into e-commerce platforms or other alternatives.

This youthful remedy helps handle Business to consumer (B2C) relationships in an approach which other products have not yet reached and additionally adds flexibility in workflow management for chances that’s a really needed feature in multi-channel environments. 

SuiteCRM is licensed on AGPL (Affero General Public License).

Therefore, the important features of SuiteCRM for open sources that help all the customers are: 

  • Spend Less Time Coordinating & More Time Closing:

SuiteCRM’s 360° customer view integrates every step of the customer journey, from pre-sales and marketing activities through to final close. Use the flexibility of an open-source CRM system to easily access previous conversations, discover purchase trends, anticipate customer needs, and learn new ways to convert leads into happy customers.

  • Market the Right Offer to the Right Customer at the Right Time:

Build targeted campaigns around geography, products purchased, items viewed, and more. You can even segment customers using data from any of SuiteCRM’s many third-party integrations, ensuring you stay a step ahead.

  • Always Be Prepared in Front of Any Customer:

Organize all information associated with each customer inside a profile view, saving you valuable time. At a glance, see all support tickets, orders, interactions, and more, helping you anticipate customer needs. This is one among many reasons why it makes SuiteCRM the best open-source CRM software available in the market.

Features of Interest

SuiteCRM has a feature that allows you to have access to the items and the customers who have discarded them. Giving you the tools that you need to correct the situation. Therefore, what about consulting the most sold products per season? SuiteCRM allows you to create a customized report according to your needs.

It’s Open Source CRM with drool-worthy features for e-Commerce

SuiteCRM gives you the ability to track customers in real-time. That means you can see what they are searching, buying, and how much they are spending. Most people to have access to this type of information using Google Analytics, however, SuiteCRM has its own “Google Analytics” that allows you to have access to this information inside your virtual store.

Another feature of SuiteCRM is the possibility of creating automated email marketing campaigns, and even includes templates. With the tracking system, you have access to how successful the campaign was. SuiteCRM also registers every interaction you have with your customers, whether it’s by phone or email.

Conclusion: Our Business is Building Your Business

Our guiding principle is building the best open-source CRM software possible for your business. This means giving you the flexibility to capture a complete 360° view of all your customers.

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

Nasir Khan - CRM Expert

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